The Person They Are

The Person They Are

I can see why they call it the Tao.

I can see why the Bible says God makes it rain on the righteous and wicked alike: everywhere, there's this law, this boarding pass to another way of being, and if you can see it you can have it. I mean, if you do it — if you live by it, touch it, you can rely on it.

Is it God? Is it God's law? Is it one more part of the mysterious fabric of the world we live in, this world that's so complex and interwoven and teeming with life that there's no explaining it, no reason it should exist as it does?

I know that the Tao is real, that it's beautiful, and that it transforms things. Maybe I should let go of this idea of God being so ... human. Maybe that would help me better understand God for the person they are.

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