How to Eat Fried Caterpillars

How to Eat Fried Caterpillars

After watching Bear Grylls do it, King Sturdy wanted to eat a caterpillar.

He found one. We identified it as some sort of cutworm and decided, after a bit of reading, it was probably safe to eat. We watched a video of some people cooking caterpillars in San Bartolomé. Then he followed suit.

How to Get Ready

First, give the caterpillar a pleasant habitat while it waits for death.

Caterpillar Under a Glass

Next, get the pans staged, set the salt nearby, and squeeze out some lemon juice. It’s all about mise en place.

Squeezing a Lemon

Then, thank the caterpillar.

And Now, the Action

The next day, Shortshanks ate one too.

So he got his wish. By then, King Sturdy was a pro at this and handled the whole process himself. They would’ve kept right at it from there, but not wanting to witness an ongoing caterpillar slaughter, I set the limit at two.

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