Ask Me if I Care

Ask Me if I Care

This is an ongoing series of meditations on faith, in response to readings from the articles that preface The Oxford Study Bible.

I will trust the reader to dig up the context if the meaning is unclear.

"The Apocalyptic Vision" by Martha Himmelfarb (pages 181-198): I don't know why I  should believe any of it. Or care.

Same with "Relationship to God" by Byron Shafer (page 192). See, it's this kind of thing:

Also, the falling axe, flowing blood, and festive eating would have produced that mixture of terror and ecstasy humans associate with experiences of the holy.

Sounds as if they think those rituals are mere stimuli. As if their purpose were merely to elicit emotions. As if those emotions don't stem from the experience of holiness, but are merely something we associate with the concept — as if none of it's real.

So detached, it's holier than thou. Do you believe this stuff or not; and if not, why are you writing about it?

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