This website is a project of writer and mythologist Elisabeth Carol Harvey McCumber.

Right now it’s a growing collection of essays that are delivered to subscribers each month as an email digest. Later, it will be more.

This project began in 2009 when I decided to start using study as an act of prayer or invocation: a meditative dialogue with All That Is.

My practice at that time consisted of reading a text and writing a response essay. I didn’t know if it would be possible to rebuild my faith — I didn’t know if I had any to rebuild — but I believed in the road ahead of me, so I set out on a project that I named Begin Again.

Later I decided to share those essays online, and later again, I expanded their scope to include some of the other endeavors, whims and skills that give shape to my life. Thus started the digest, Ramblers Journal.

Now, in 2019 — ten years from the start — it’s time again for change.

Let me explain. I’ve been a communications consultant since 2008. My professional work includes copywriting, marketing strategy, and branding. It’s interesting, story-driven stuff, and I’ve been successful at it, but there’s a problem: it’s not my future.

My future is to publish the philosophical fantasy novella that I wrote when I was 18, and to write its sequel, and to finish writing the novel I’m halfway through, and the nonfiction book on mythology that I’ve outlined.

It’s to become a folklorist and a scholar of folklore.

It’s to change the popular understanding of what myths can mean for us, and to contribute to the larger field of study on these things.

It’s to use this digest as a way to process the ideas that interest me most and engage in conversation around them, while continuing to build the skills — the making, homesteading and human skills — that I think we all will need as our society continues to decline and we find ourselves ever more pressed to generate our own abundance and self-sufficiency, within our own communities.

It’s to connect to the land. It’s to build relationship. It’s to walk by faith. It’s to find and tell and live our stories. Once again, I don’t know where this will lead — the road is rambling — but I believe in it.

So I am beginning again.

Will you join me?

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