This website is a project of writer and mythologist Elisabeth Carol Harvey McCumber.

If you’re curious about me personally, I suggest you explore the links just below. If you want to know about my professional side, I can say I’ve been a communications consultant since 2008, focusing largely on copywriting and brand strategy. Among other things I’ve also run a theatre company, driven a school bus and rehabilitated horses.

Christ with His Pain
Lemon Butter Over Cod and Garlic from a Cast Iron Pan
Howl Origami

I started this website in 2009 because I was feeling disconnected from my faith and I wanted to begin again, using study as a form of prayer. Over the years it’s morphed into five main topics: mythology and mysticism; homesteading skills; real food; DIY; and parenting and homeschool. These days I use it to process ideas that interest me and try to engage in conversation around them, while continuing to build the skills — the making, homesteading and human skills — that I think we all will need as our society continues to decline and we find ourselves ever more pressed to generate our own abundance and self-sufficiency within our own communities. But I don’t post nearly as often as I mean to.

In other news, I’ve been writing fiction since forever, and you’ll find some of that here too. I believe that stories are the thing. Right now I’m working toward a masters in folklore and anthropology because I want to engage more deeply in this work; I also want to change the popular understanding of what myths can mean for us and contribute to the field of study on the stories that make us human.

Once again, I don’t know where this will lead — the road is rambling — but I believe in it. So, I am beginning again.