Self-operating Napkin by Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg Machine

The other day in school, we talked to King Sturdy about potential and kinetic energy, then showed him an OK Go video to illustrate. Today, he had his heart set on building a Rube Goldberg Machine. After some debate, we decided that catapulting a stone was the work that the machine would aim to accomplish. Here’s how it went.

1. Announcement of the project; catapulting

2. Let’s take a closer look at that

3. Slo-mo. Trebuchet attacks the tracks; no catapulting

4. Slo-mo. Train dancing. Catapulting

5. Not so much

6. Slo-mo. Catapulting with leaping

7. Slo-mo. Catapulting with monster dance

  • Vivian Palmer Harvey

    THIS is a wonderful series! Thanks for sharing :)